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St. Patrick’s Day: Book Review Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s featured book review is by award-winning Irish author Cecelia Ahern.  Although my favorite is P.S., I love You, I chose to review her second novel Love, Rosie (also known as Rosie Dunne or Where Rainbows End).

Cecelia Ahern’s second novel tells the story of Rosie and Alex through letters, notes, e-mails and instant messages.  It’s a story about friendship, love and fate.  Rosie and Alex are best friends growing up together in Dublin. Unfortunately, Alex and his family move to America leaving Rosie behind.  She is sad about this and plans to study in the United States, but fate always keeps them separated with just the letters and e-mails to keep them going.  Will these be enough to make the friendship last?

Ahern writes in a fresh, funny and touching manner that always feels like a guilty pleasure, especially in this novel since you are given permission to read the characters e-mails, letters, notes and so on.  However, I have to agree with other reviewers that at times you wish the story were told in more substantial dialogue.  The plot of fate getting in the way of your plans works, since a lot of people can relate.  As we say sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  The characters are well develop and relatable.  Even if you get tired in the back and forth of the letters, notes, etc. the reader will find that they still want to know the end and that you are engaged in the story.

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